Monday, August 7, 2006

Long Winding Poker Weekend

Had a lot to do this weekend, so I didnt play as much poker as I would have liked, and when I did play I was having some bad luck, and did some play plays. My highlight/lowlight for the wekend was the $4.00 + $.40 180 players MTT on PokerStars. Got some great cards at the beginning, and at one point I was the chip leader with almost 23,000 where then next best had 10,000. Unfortunetly I made some bad plays, twice calling All-Ins when I had Ax on boards with 2-3-4-5. And of course both times the players had K6. Not just the 6, but K6. This pretty much crippled me, but I was able to hang on and finish 15th, for $8.64. My previous goal of doubling my bankroll is now gone, as I reloaded on PokerStars for another $50 this weekend. I have to learn patience, I know how to read the cards and when I have good odds and when I dont, I just played the bad odds too often. Tonight is the CardPlayer league, and I really hope to finish far better then the 40th of 41 that I finished last week. I am currently 13th in the league, top 9 make the champions table. Update tomorrow!

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