Sunday, July 30, 2006

Late Night Poker

Decided to play a bit of late poker this weekend, with mixed results. Friday turned out to be good playing in a cash home game, winning $20. Won a turbo $3.00 + $.40 Single Table Sit and Go on PokerStars, bringing me back up above my minimum necessary to play the final four tournament, plus another $10 to work on upping my bankroll. Bodog looked to be a large loss for the weekend, until playing a 2,000 person freeroll. After 2 hours of hanging in with the chance of losing at any time, I trippled up to put myself in the top half of the field. An eventual 9th place finished netted me $12.00

Current Totals: PokerStars: $41.60 Bodog:$40.03 Total Bankroll: $81.63

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