Thursday, August 17, 2006

Loving PokerStars

Getting lots of good play in, even when I dont finish in the money. Played a total of 12 tournaments between 11 pm Tuesday night and 10 pm Wednesday night. Still havent gotten a win since I started tracking my PokerStars $1.50+$.25 18 player tournaments, but I cashed 5 times out of 12, two 2nds, one 3rd, and two 4ths for a profit of $4.80. More importantly, I am learning patience and how to play the cards and the position, stealing blinds and making bluffs that just a few months ago I dont think I could have done. Currently I am up to $52.09, after starting at $43.74. The good news is that my play on PokerStars since Monday has given me a $17.10 profit. I will be sticking with the $1.50+$.25 tournaments for a while, building up my bankroll. I think every $10.00 I earn, I may try a $1.00+$.20 45 man tournament, just to work on longer play. And of course the occassional freerolls when I have the chance. And the CardPlayer tournament next week is on my birthday, so that should be a interesting end to my 37th birthday!

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