Monday, August 21, 2006

Great Poker Weekend

Played a lot of poker this weekend, including getting a friend of mine onto PokerStars on Saturday night, had two tournaments with amazing runs of card on Saturday. Within 2 hours, I won and placed 2nd in a couple of tournaments, in the process getting some monster flops where I took 2 people out of the tournament at a time 3 different times, including twice in 5 hands in the tournament I won. I actually have over 1/2 the chips on the table when we got to the final 8. I was actually up $22.20 after Saturday night, but played 5 tournament on Sunday, and never cashed - heck I only bubbled once, the rest of the time I was getting sucked out (3 times) and once I just overplayed a hand and lost it on my own. The good news is I am up $25.45 in since starting my experiment with PokerStars, and for last week I had a profit of $33.00!! Playing some today, as I am probably on working 1/2 day since I turn 37 today.

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