Friday, July 28, 2006

Thursday Night Ups and Downs

Paid for next Monday's CardPlayer Tournament, and then decide to donk off a few bucks playing $.04/$.08 Limit Stud on PokerStars. Only problem with this is that I now have actually put myself BELOW what I need for the buy-in for Week 10 of the tournament. I guess I will have to see if I cash in on of the next few weeks. If not, I will have to play some low-blind HE to make up the difference.

Bodog has it's up and downs. First played a $5.00 + $.50 SnG, and got outdrawn and outplayed the few times I did get cards. Played so badly, I went and played a $4.00 + $.40 Beginner SnG. Hung on to get past the bubble (5th in this case), then actually started getting hands. Played well in this one, and actually won! My 8th overall tournament win (7 are Single Table SnG, and 5 of those ar ethe Beginner SnG). Looked to play another Beginner SnG, but none were open, so played a $5.00 + $.50 SnG instead. And then totally forgot that it wasnt a beginner tournament. Grinded to finish 4th, having to finally go All-In with KhQh, went up against A9o, neither of us improved. Thought I had a $6.00 cash, but then realized it wasnt a Beginner tournament, so I was the Bubble. That was enough for me to quit for the night.

Total for the Day: PokerStars -$14.40 Bodog -$ 3.40 Total Loss: $17.80

Total Bankroll remaining: $78.43

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thirdstringjd said...

Hey CEM -

Playing those weekly games for $10 is really tough when you have $100 or even less in your bankroll.

I definately understand the lure but there are alot of online leagues out there that play with much lower buy-ins as well as freeroll events to help players keep up their bank.

I know personally I offer great deals on small buy ins as well as free money.

However I definately say stick with it because it seems like you've got a good goal in mind and thats definately the first place to start.

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