Thursday, July 27, 2006

First Poker Blog

This is more for myself, because I am not sure of the interest that anyone else may have with me blogging about my Poker playing. But I will try it keep a fairly up-to-date accounting on my Poker playing, mostly on Bodog and PokerStars. My goal for July/August is to double my bankroll, so I will have to start playing smarter. Part of the problem with this is I have $96.23 right now, but I have committed myself to continue in the CardPlayer forum league. And with a $10+1 buy-in, if I dont cash at all in the last four tournament, then I am out almost my entire PokerStars bankroll. Why am I so committed to it? Well after four tournament, I have 2 Final Tables, including one cash (4th place). Also, the Top 9 after 10 Tournaments play in the "Finale", and I currently sit in 10th place. My competitive nature may end up hurting me, but I want to see it through. Lately I have been going back and forth on Bodog between cash games ($.05/$.10 NLHE) and SnG ($4 + $.40 Beginner - pays out 5 of 10 places). I am going to attempt to play the non-beginner tournaments, in hopes of better pays. If I get below $25 (of the $53 I have now), then I will go back to those. I also will likely play in the Bodog Points Freerolls (I have enough points for 5 of those right now), and see how it goes. Well, hopefully will have time to play tonight or tomorrow.

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