Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Skillz Game Tonight - Pot Limit Omaha

This one should be really interesting tonight, as we definately have some Omaha experts (as much as one can be) that will be playing, put I am guessing that in a Pot Limit game the donkey factor will be running high also. Personally, I either want to last until the very end and win a seat tonight, or have someone play their donkey cards against me and suck out so I can go to bed. Playing 2 1/2 hours like I did last night in the Rivershasers event just to finish 20th and get no cash or points just sucked. (And since when is AKo > A7o? I should suck out on that one every time!).

1 comment:

Shrike said...

Congrats on fine finish. I really hoped to take this one down but stumbled at final table.