Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So Close to a BBT4 seat, and yet so far

So I managed to somehow make it to heads up in The Skillz Game last night, thanks in no small part to reading blogs (CK's) to learn how to better my PLO game. After a slow start, I saw only about 28% flops (compared to my usual 40%+ in PLO) and either hit on the flop, or used to well time aggression to stay in the top of the chip stacks after the second break. I went totally card dead, and by the time we hit the final table, I was 9th of 9, but at least was going to make some money. I honestly couldnt have played more then 5 hands (folding the rest preflop) until I hit heads up, watching as player after player pushed in F-Train, who ran over pretty much anyone. By the time I made it to heads-up, I had about 24,000 chips, unfortunetly F-Train had about 230,000 chips. I think I may have lasted about 10 hands, but I will take the $135 cash (how I made it to heads up knocking out only 2 of 84 players is beyond me). Great job by F-Train, and I think I added about 50% to my bankroll with my 2nd place finish.

I will be updating the stats later today, and have them posted tonight.


BamBam said...

Very well done cem !
Proud of you man!!!


1Queens Up1 said...

Grats Cem!

Shrike said...

You asked over at my blog "How much different could the finish have been if F-Train did not have such a dominant stack coming into the final table?"

Let me answer by showing this hand history that had me grimacing:

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to PirateLawyer [Kd 9s 6h Ah]
asphnxma folds
jeciimd folds
PirateLawyer raises to 6,000
methos26 folds
twoblackaces has 15 seconds left to act
twoblackaces folds
cemfredmd raises to 9,318, and is all in
PirateLawyer calls 3,318
cemfredmd shows [Ts 2h Td Kc]
PirateLawyer shows [Kd 9s 6h Ah]
*** FLOP *** [5d Tc 6s]
*** TURN *** [5d Tc 6s] [9c]
*** RIVER *** [5d Tc 6s 9c] [3h]
cemfredmd shows three of a kind, Tens
PirateLawyer shows two pair, Nines and Sixes
cemfredmd wins the pot (19,636) with three of a kind, Tens

That's about one of the worst shoves from the blind I've ever seen against my hand ranges, but go-go KTT2 no suits! lol


BWoP said...

Congrats on the cash.

Sorry I wasn't rooting for you to win this one :-)

Just ignore PL. He always gets pissy when someone beats him.

Last week I was the victim of the rant. This week it's you!

Shrike said...

Darn you CK. Was I not cheering Dave on after he busted me?!

Don't give me bad rap as a sore loser. Sniff.

(I posted HH just to encourage discussion of possible hand ranges and how much equity KTT2 no suits has.


Shrike said...

Ok, have blogged hand in question in more detail. Feel free to take a look.


SmBoatDrinks said...

Nice job!

I know how 2nd place feels!!!