Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Skillz game Results - Limit H.O.S.E

A big 24 players came out last night, and after a quick start your host went out way earlier after some questions plays and/or river suckouts (probably questions Stud 7 play actually).

Joanne1111 made the most of her first Skillz Game of 2009 with a win, Scottc25 took second in his second appearance, and third went to new (at least to me) player Sophie2002.

Below is the updated Skillz Game leaderboard:

Next week is limit Razz. This weekend I play another home game, hope to post on that Sunday or Monday.


lightning36 said...

Wow - Joanne was white hot at the beginning. Congrats to her on a nice win.

I once again go out boat over boat. Maybe I should just fold when I get a full house.

Anonymous said...

FYI, sophie2002 is me, aka chitwood.