Monday, February 23, 2009

Live Tournament Results

Played in the 5th of 6 tournaments with a group of 20 players to determine which player would represnt us at the World Series of Poker main event this year. With a 15th place finish last week, and only allowing to drop one touranment, I was in need of a good finish this time to even have a chance. Fortune was good at the beginning as I can into the touranment in 6th place overall, and watched 3 of the players in front of me go out before the top 12, thus giving me a lot of room to improve if I could make the final 5 or higher. Starting with 4,000 chips and a 40 minute blind schedule for the first eight rounds made it easier for me to play my tight game. I slowed chipped up to 8,000 chips by the time we hit the final table of 10 players, but was completely card dead for the first hour after that, and was down to 2,000 chips at one point. I pushed with AK, and flopped both for the two pair and faded a stright draw to double up. Just played enought to stay at the level until we got down to 5 peole. Two quick double ups and I am suddenly at 16,000 chips and 2nd in chips overall. I loosen a little, but still tight when I make a comment to the chip leader about how he keeps raising my big blind, and for some reason he actually says that he is doing so because I am so tight I wont call him without a hand. I wait about one rotation around the table, then I start calling and/or raising it, and finally managed to trap him with a premium hand. I had the c chip lead with 3 people left. I pulled a tremendous suckout on the river against the middle stack of the 3 of us (who really wasnt that far behind me), with my A8 was well behind his turned two pair of 43 on a 8423 board, but the river 2 gave me a higher two pair. Academic after that, as heads up only lasted 4 hands, including a small break after two hands when he had won both of them to give me only a 55/45 chip lead, so we did a quick chop of the money and played out of the points in the standings of the overall tournament.

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