Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good in the Mookie, WTF in the Dookie

Poker was a lot of fun late night. Got to play a lot in the Mookie, a few nice hands in the 2nd hour gave me a decent enough stack to actually finish 16th. The swings by some players in that tournament were amazing. Towards the end of the 2nd hour, I sat at the same table as FTOPS winner LilKimmer, who had a MONSTER chip stack. Fortunetely that table broke soon after. When we get down to 20 (with 18 paying), LilKimmer was down to <800 chips. It seems like he pushed AK and AQ in consecutive hands into KK both times. Live and learn! I ended up being a shorty by the bubble, but still played well until the blinds at 500/1000 forced me to push my QcJc in KK, and out I went.

The Dookie on the other hand, I lasted all of ONE hand. I get AA, and being Pot Limit Holdem, I bet pot, get a caller, the a player behind me bets Pot again. As I obviously have the best hand as this point, I repot it and he pushes. He flips over 99. Amazing that he though he might be even close to good at that point. So, a 9 on the Flop? No. 3 spades though. Crap, he has a spade. Turn. You guessed it, another Spade. And I am drawing dead at the river. It happens. But seriously, if you are going to push with 99 and you get lucky enough to suck out with a flush, dont type BOOOM in the chat box, as least against someone you have never played a single hand against before. I dont see a problem doing stuff like that when you knock out someone you know/talk to on a regular basis. But dont be an ass to someone you never played before. This is how people get pissed off and dont come back. Ok, I am off my soapbox now.

See you all at the Big Game!


lightning36 said...

All the way with 9-9 in Pot Limit? Geez -- what are you gonna do?

Nice run in the Mookie. I have sucked this week, so it looks like I am kissing the TOC and the Bodonkey finals goodbye. Down to my last chances. Very disappointing.

RaisingCayne said...

Yeah, I saw your early exit in the Dookie. I also saw the guy that doubled up on the first hand to jump to a large early chip lead, also managed to somehow be just the third one OUT of the tournament.