Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday Night Poker - Including MSOP Event #6

Played three tournaments on Tuesday night. The final in the Bodonkey points race, which I was totally out of, but the bounty on Smokkee and the usual prizes were just too good to pass up. Lasted a good two hours there, and was the first to take a shot at the Smokkee bounty, but running A9suited into AKoff was a losing proposition for me, and I eventually went out around 15th place. The Skills game was HORSE, which I played pretty will for a couple of hours also. Was hitting everything the first two hours, and was the chip leader with 15 left, and but a good 3,000 chips too! However my final pass through Omaha H/L would be my undoing, as I got crushed about 4 times in 6 hands and eventually just feebly got pushed out in 10th place. Funny that O8 was my downfall there, as that was teh MSOP Event #6 last night. It started at 8:20 PM EST, and I actually got logged in 15 minutes late, losing only 55 chips in that time. My very first hand I ended up scooping the pot with a Full House. Happy to say I never looked back after that. Played smart good poker, and was constantly in the top 10% most of the tournament. As is unusual for me, I wasnt short stacked when the money bubble broke! When we got down to 5 tables, I end up with a total maniac who is literally playing EVERY hand. Waited for my shots and got some chips from him. I evently got the perfect hand against two all-ins and the maniac, where I scooped the main pot and both side pots, giving me the chip lead with 34 left. I was still in 2nd when we got to 25, but the maniac finally started hitting his draws against me and everyone else. By the time the table broke, I was hurting badly, and ended up going out in 16th. I was really happy with how I played, even though I would have loved to final tabled.

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