Thursday, April 3, 2008

BBT 3 and Non-Bloggers

I have played in about 1/2 of the BBT 3 tournaments, and I have noticed like many others that there are a lot of non-bloggers in these tournaments. I don't really have a problem with this, it adds more to the prize fund for all of us, and honestly the bloggers play against each other so often that I think it helps all our games to have people in these tournaments that we dont know how they play. For me, it gives more of a opportunity to learn to read how people play, instead of depending on the fact that I know who is agressive and who is a rock because I have played with them 50 times already. With that said, my major problem with SOME of these players is that they honestly dont know how to act. Sitting and watching people talk a bunch of crap for no reason, just trying to start an arguement, is stupid. I finally got fed up with it last night during the Mookie. I started rough, getting hit hard one a hand I was sure I was ahead on to start, but by the river and the all-in bet against me, I was sure I was done. Tread water for a while, get some hands, and finally I got AA to triple up back over my starting stack of 1,500. A little more time goes by and some good play by others and bad luck with flops gets me back down to 1,200. I find AK in the big blind, and short stack (Non-Blogger) pushes over the top. He was one of the people I had hit earlier with my AA to triple up, and I felt good about my cards, so I push over the top. He calls, and he has 4c5c. Of course the 5 hits on the flop, and I dont improve, and I am crippled to under 200 chips. How the hand played out I dont have a problem with. However, very quickly in the chat all of a sudden he types in "Don't play that kind of crap with me" or something to that effect. Seriously?? You think if you just massively sucked out you could just shut the hell up and take your chips. I didnt even bother to deal with it anymore, pushing the rest of my stack in the next hand, and losing it (I had a fairly good hand in the small blind). To show the opposite, in the Dookie, I am top 5 in chips with 11 left, and have AA with three hearts. LJ is to my right, and she raises, I re-raise all-in, she calls, and flips up KKxx. King hits on the flop and I am totally crippled again. Does LJ rub it in my face? No, she even acknowledged that it was sick that she hit her 2-outer. And her and other bloggers as always acknowledge (and others when they get knocked out) that we played a good game (even if we sometimes don't!). I guess all I am really saying, is if Al, Hoy, Chad, Mookie and Don have done all they have to get these tournaments together, and Al working with Full Tilt to get such a great prize package, and then non-bloggers are allowed to play (which I dont have a problem with), then they can be a little be less of an asshole sometimes. And we all know, my little episode here is minor compared to other stuff that has happened during the BBT 3.

Ok, off my soapbox now. Live poker (maybe) on Friday. And what the hell did Full Tilt do to their Bracelet Races? These things are a shadow of what they have been last year.


OhCaptain said...

I'm kinda glad I've been too busy to play in these then. I've dropping in off and on to watch, but not really paying much attention to a lot of the chat on the tables.

Sorry to hear about the troubles. I'll be looking for the tournaments to return to normal at the end of BBT3.

lucko said...

Learn to fold AAxx, its crap.