Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mookie and the Dookie

Played both of Mookie's tournaments. Could never get anything going in the Mookie, as I was never more then 400 chips over the starting stack of 1,500. All things considered, I was happy with my 56th out of 106 though. Played very tight, but was totally card dead. The Dookie was another story. Pot Limit Omaha Hi, that is my kind of game. Again played very tight, doubling early when I got top set on a board with no straight or flush possiblites, and the board never paired either. Watched the push fest go on, playing only premium hands, and was 2nd when we got to 10 (it started with 28). I eventually ended up being 6th with 6 left, and only four paid. The hand before the break I watched 3 players go all-in, with the big stack winning and me squeaking into the money. I outlasted another player to move up to 3rd, and had top set after the flop when I pushed all my chips in (with the best hand!). My luck finally ran out, as the chip leader that had called me hit a runner-runner flush. Nice $50 payout though, so I had a good night anyway!

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