Monday, March 10, 2008

Change of Fortune

Finally have gotten over my run of bad cards AND bad playing. Played 4 tournaments on Friday, came out of it with 3 $26 tokens. Used two of those on Sunday, trying to get $75 tokens. Lost one of them far too quickly when I overplayed top pair. Ther other I finished 3rd of 9, getting me $66. Played two $14 super-sats to the $750,000 Guar. Had the chip lead half way through one, but stopped paying attention to both when I was fighting to stay in a $10 HA (Hold 'em/Hi Ohama) tournament. With 62 people starting, I was 35th of 35 at one point, and still managed to hold on to be 26th of 26. Two great Limit Hold'em hands in a row had me double twice, knocking out a top 3 chip leader, and pushed me to 2nd in chips. I went into the final table 1st in chips, and with 7 cashing the bubble took forever. At this point I totally lost focus on the two super-sats. (Guess I shouldnt play too many tournament at once!). After watching on guy just pound and draw out on people, the bubble finally burst with me 3rd in chips, and but everyone but 1st and 2nd very low. A late push with a good hand was too little too late, and I went out in 4th, but a nice little $69.40 payout. Up about $95 for the day!!

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Aaron said...

Not too shabby at all. Remember, you can't win if you don't play so try to put in as much volume as you can...without alienating friends and family, of course. :)