Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blogger Tournaments

Decided to have some fun, and played in four blogger tournaments in the last 2 days.
Finished 18th in the Bodonkey and 18th in the Skillz Game on Tuesday, playing good but not getting any cards. I finished 18th (AGAIN!) in the Mookie, making some calls when I knew I was beat, but then getting AA to bring me back from the brink over and over again. I finally get knocked out whem I push my AJ into AK and cant improve. Played the Dookie also, and thankfully didnt finish 18th, since there were only 18 people playing. Actually played Pot Limit Hold'em well, and got cards at the right time to eventually finish 3rd, for a nice little $18 payout.


Mookie said...

Congrats on the 3rd place finish in the Dookie.

lightning36 said...

Yeah - you never know when the cards might turn for you. I was extremely discouraged with my tournaments at Full Tilt, and then the deck slapped me in the face repeatedly at Riverchasers for a second place finish. Who can figure out this screwy game?

Keep on truckin'!