Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Poker

Live poker is rigged. Played in the home tournament this weekend, and in the 3rd blind level I get Pocket Ace's against a very aggressive opponent. With blinds at 100/200, he bets out 600. I raise to 1800, and he says he has to call. The flop comes down Q73, and he checks. I bet out the rest of my stack (600 chips) which he calls. He turns over pocket 10s, and of course a 10 comes on the turn. Out I go, too ticked to even care what placed I finished.

Came home and played two touranments, a FTOPS Omaha Hi Super Satellite and a $3 Rebuy. Played well in both. Went out on the bubble of the Super Satellite, as I got my money in with the best cards, and a two-outer on the river gives my opponent a higher straight after being behind. The $3 Rebuy only cost $9, and I finished 105th, winning me $14.95. Played great during the rebuy period, and was in the top 100 most of the night, but went totally card dead once the bubble approached at 126th, but lasted long enough to cash and try to push myself back up in chips but to no avail.

Sunday has be in a satellite to the $1 Million Guarentee, plus the Blogger Skill Game and the Blogger Big Game, all while watching the AFC and NFC championships.

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