Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday Blogger Events

Much to my surprise, my wife actually was so tired last night she told me to go ahead and play the blogger events. Just got signed up in time for the Bodog Blogger Tournament. Played a little looser then usually, and have away about 20% of my stack with a flopped set that I thought was beat, so I folded to a pot sized bet on the river by two players in front of me. Ends up two pair won the hand. Managed to chip up some in the 2nd hours, but final went out on an ill-advised push with two pair on a 3 heart board, and ended up losing to trip 5's, not the flush. Either way it was a bad play, one I wish I would have thought of more before nearly instacalling.

Also played the Blogger Skill Game on Full Tilt. I was surprise that 49 players came out to play Pot Limit Omaha Hi, and I ended outlasting on 10 of them when my straight on the turn gave way to a flush on the river.

Now there will be no playing tonight or tomorrow, and live action on Friday.


RaisingCayne said...

A new look for the new year...

All the best to you in '08!

Chelsea said...

Well said.