Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Brand New Day

A new name for my blog, and a new start for my blogging.

I have decided to give my blogging and my poker playing a new start in the new year. Everything starts over again! My bankroll progress will be started at my current bankrolls, which is $383.68 on Full Tilt, $13.00 on Bodog, and $10.00 on PokerStars. I will be blogging my poker playing every time I play, and I will even be tossing in posts about other things in life that may be causing changes in my poker playing, or just because I want to chat about it. I will still be playing my live tournaments also.

With so many things up in the air in my personal life, with trying to start a family, this may be my last real chance to play in any World Series of Poker events for the next few years. Therefore my goals on Full Tilt will be to get myself back to the WSOP again this year, for another $1,500 event. I also want to play and cash in a Full Tilt Seris of Poker event sometime this year. Additionally, as most of the Blogger events are held on Full Tilt, I want to try to win at least one of each of them this year. My MATH win from last year doesnt count towards that. I realize that with concentrating on larger tournament that my bankroll on Full Tilt may take some shots, and I am ready for it and will reload if necessary. I however will follow the 5% rule (Dont buy in for over 5% of the total bankroll), so there will be some serious satellites, as my current bankroll only allows a max buy-in of $19.00. However, I have already signed up for with a Tier-2 token for the Big Game on January 20th, so hopefully I can cash (or win) that and add to my bankroll. My Bodog goal is to play the blogger event there to increase my bankroll with tournament dollars, and work it up that way. For PokerStars, I will play microcash games, and work on increase my bankroll there. I however will NOT play cash on PokerStars while playing tournaments on Full Tilt or Bodog. ONE SITE AT A TIME!!!

I hope this will be entertaining for some of you, and by putting my play up here I hope to have those bloggers and readers that know this game better then me to help me become a better player.

As a promise to my wife, I have told her I will not play this week much, so most likely the earliest I play is Friday night, but more likely early next week. In the mean time I will be reading Phil Gordon's Little Green Book (I have already read hsi Little Blue Book), and learning more of the game that way. I also have the WSOP home series tournament this Friday (5 events, most points in all events wins the seat). I final tabled the 1st event, but did not play the 2nd or 3rd events, so I am out of the running for the WSOP seat, but I get a 4% piece of the winner, and a chance at some side cash and valuable live experience for playing, so why not! I should have some feedback from that sometime this weekend.

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lightning36 said...

Geez - it seems like the new year really has everyone serious about improving their game. Will anyone still drop the hammer?