Monday, January 28, 2008

Live at the Trop

Played a live tournament at the Tropicana in Atlantic City on Sunday. $100 buy-in, and there were 40 players. My wife also played, but she went out early (about 32nd). She got only one pocket pair (Aces!), and it got cracked anyway. I played pretty good, but probably wasnt aggressive enough early. After the 1st hour I was at 11,000 chips (we started with 10,000), and after hour 2 I was at 9,600 chips. As the blinds starting going up (every 20 minutes, and antes started at the beginning of the 2nd hour), I finally got more into the feel of the aggressiveness needed, and the stupidty of others. I eliminated two people in successive hands to take us from 22 to 20, and thus down to 2 tables. I unfortunetly was at the table with a monster stack in seat 1, and he was bullying everyone. I did double off him once, and showing pocket pairs almost every time I went to showdown, I was able to start stealing some blinds too. I ended up going out 14th when I got too cute in the big blind, and against the big stack I had 6/10 off. The flop came down 6/10/Q, and I checked my two pair. The turn didnt give much of anything so I get 3,200 (twice the blind) and the big stack called. The river brought an 8, and the big stack went all in. I really read him for trying to push me off the pot, but he turns over 7/9, and the rivered straight sends me home.

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