Monday, January 14, 2008

Cashing in the Fifty/Fifty

After a tough run and some close calls in qualifers for the FTOPS, I decided to take a run at the 50/50 last night. Took two attempts to satellite in, but I got my seat and was ready to play at 9:30. Unfortunetly, Full Tilt wasnt ready to give me any cards until about 10:15, so I never played a hand past the flop for 45 minutes, and it took until hand 37 for me to win a hand. I ended up the first hour just above my starting stack of 2,000 chips, and a little up and down left me around the same area after the 2nd hour. I doubled up early in the third hour, but was still playing very tight when all of a sudden play at my table slowed tremendously, so I looked and sure enough we were 5 from the money bubble at 153 left. While I was only at 4,000 chips and the average was nearly 8,000 I had the player to my left just using all of his time bank as we was under 2,000 chips. The bubble finally burst, and thats when I decided that now that I have made my money, lets abuse the really short stacks. I took 3 shorties out quickly and suddenly I was above 10,000 chips. Played good cards for about 45 minutes, and finally got down to 70th place, when I am at 14,000 chips, but surrounded by players with 35,000 - 50,000 chip stacks. I wait a couple of hands and have one of the big stacks bet 4,500 (blinds were 500/1000/125 ante) and I look down and have AJ suited. I pushed it, and sure enough the big stack called. He shows A10 unsuited. I smiled, for about 3 seconds. Flop comes down 10/10/K. Now I am wishing for a queen, and down comes...another 10. So I get knocked out by quads in 69th place, but I get a nice $109.10 payout.

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