Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend of close misses

Play a bit this weekend as the wife shopped, and did alright for myself. Attempting to qualify for the Aussie Millions 25 seat tournament, I ended up being one off for a seat to the $100+$9 qualifer on purpose, when I realized that I had no chance of making the tournament time to play. So I played for the cash prize of $92 (for a $26 buy-in) and got it. I also played in a tournament to qualify for the $750,000 Sunday tournament, and this time I was bubble boy. I didnt push when I had 3 of 6 players limp in front of me with me having an M<1.5, and would have flopped trip 5's and won the hand. Instead I push the next hand, get one caller, who runner/runners a straight to beat my 2 pair.

Tonight is the 6-max NLH for the MATH, so I plan on being there, so should you!

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