Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good poker night

Started by firing up my laptop in the back row of my accounting class (yes, even at 38 years old, I am still taking college classes). Decided just for fun to play a single table SNG and a multi-table touranment to try and win my way into the 50/50 last night. After being under 1000 chips in the SNG with 6 people left, I played good tight poker and pushed when I needed to, and won my seat there. I proceeded to really run over the people in the multitable tournament for the beginning hour, being in the top 3 most of the time. I faded back to 8th during the 2nd hour, but held on there and with 10 people getting seats, I ended up getting another $55 put back in my full tilt account. Played the 50/50 and the Mookie, and was card dead in both for quite a while. I eventually lost out in the 50/50 during the 2nd hour when I got outdrawn. In the Mookie I lost the first 2 hands and about 1/3 of my chips in less then 2 minutes, so I was 93rd out of 93 just 2 minutes in. I dipped below 1000 chips about 30 minutes in, but worked my way back up above 3,700. Got hit again in the second hour, and worked my way back up again! I eventually ended up being the Mookie bubble boy, as I finally died in 10th place, when my 77 push as the small stack went headups up with AKo, and the flopped King was more then I could come back from. Felt really good playing though, and I think my middle game has gotten some improvement from the suggested reading suggested in the comments a few posts back. Taking the weekend off, but will be back in time for the BIG GAME on Sunday!

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