Thursday, October 11, 2007

Online Not Going Well

Played the Mookie yesterday, started good with AKsuited, and flopped the nut flush. Let PushDonkey72 lead out on each street, figuring if he flopped the straight also I could wipe a lot of his money out. Worked until the river, when I checked, and he checked back! Played more aggressive then usual, and was down to about 1500 chips when I get QQ. Was raised before it got to me, and the pushed all-in. The donkey types "Ok, lets race" and calls flipping over K10. Three freaking outs. So of course the King comes on the flop. Sick. I have dropped about 10% on my online bankroll in the past week, with no cashes in 4 SNGs. The only positive was satelliting into the $50+$5 15K on Full Tilt earlier this week, only to finish 52nd of 415. Paid out at 45th, so very little to show for anything lately.

Playing live on 20th (Top Dog Series) and 27th (1st of 5 tournaments for a WSOP Main Event seat). I would be surprise if I play any online before then, but you never know.

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lightning36 said...

Wow - so you had a "questionable" call also. He's had to know he was behind with K-10. Why risk everything with that?

I have gotten very frustrated with The Mookie lately. I tried the Thursday Riverchasers events before, but the play there was horrible.

You might want to try the Bodonkey tournaments on Tuesday nights at Bodog. The play so far has been very good. Even when I have lost at least the beats seemed reasonable.