Friday, October 5, 2007

First Foray into Cash Games

Decided to play $.25/$.50 NLHE last night, with a $50.00 buy-in. Played very agressive but good poker, and managed to stack a couple of shorties early. Within 100 hands I had actually seen flops in 40% (much higher then my norm), but won 22% of all the hands. Was up two buy-ins at one point, and when I got back down to $135, it finally hit me hard. I was dealt pocket 3's and called a raise of $3 from the blind. Flop came down 3s4s6s, giving me Trip 3's but a flush was possible. The blind and I basically raised and reraised each other until he was all in, and he turned over QQ, but one of them was a spade. Sure enough spades on both the turn and the river, and I am down to $65. I played a few more hands, and left up $15 for the night as I had just won my $26 token in the Tier 1 Token Frenzy at the same time. Played the Riverchasers, and got rivered with a flush once again to take 1/2 my stack, and then pushed my AA into 88, with an 8 coming on the river to take me out way too early.

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