Sunday, October 21, 2007

Final Table Live

Played in the first tournament of seven for the Big Dog Series of Poker last night. 3000 chips, 25 minute blind levels. 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400, 400/800, 500/1000, then doubling from there and 41 players. Early in the 25/50 round with A5 suited, I flopped a 5, turned another 5, and still lost over 1/2 my chips as higher full house took the hand. Was down to 1,200 when I wake to AA, it holds against QQ. Four hands later AA agains, holds against KK this time. All of a sudden I am up to 5700 chips. Play good tight poker and am up to 11,000 with the blinds at 500/1000. Dealt KK, and player to my right goes all in for his last 5,200. I call, and he turns over AJ off suited. Harmless flop, Ace on the turn and I am drawing to Four Queens as another King would give him a straight. Pretty much card dead, and finally pushed last 5,000 chips in with pocket 8s. Two callers and end up losing to a pair of 9s. Finisthed 10th, which gives me 11 points towards qualifying for the tournament of champions, which the winner of this tournament only earned 20 points, so I am great shape so far.

Big Game tonight, finished 3rd in a Tier 2 Token SnG, making $66, so I used that and added the other $9 for my entry. As of 2:30 PM Sunday, there were already 33 players for the $75 buy-in. BBTwo will be off to a great start!

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