Friday, October 19, 2007

Another disappointing night

Played the Riverchasers and Tier 2 Token Frenzy last night. Riverchasers I played well until the large stack in the tournamnet ended up on my left right before the break. I got impatient and tired of watch him steal (?) a lot of blinds, so I pushed by QQ into him as he was the small blind. Of course he has KK.
Token frenzy was another story. Played well, made good reads. Player to my left on a short stack pushed on me on what I was sure was a steal against my AKsuited. Sure enought, he had 75off. Flops a 5 and doubles up. leaving me below 1,000 chips. So I get A9suited a few hands later, and push it against the chip leader. He class with AK, but I flop the 9, and end up with the nut flush, and he calls me a moron. How exactly is pushing with a suited Ace when my M<3 and no one has even opened the pot make me a moron? Yes I got lucky, as I was behind, but moronic? NO! So I skated the thin ice, and finally got knocked out in 20th, where only 18 got tokens. I got more then my buy-in back, but I will have a couple of shots on Sunday to get into the Big Game as part of the BBTwo (I am sure that is going to cost me $5 to whoever copyrighted that). Live poker on Saturday night (1st tournament in the annual Top Dog of Poker Series). I will updated you all on that Sunday morning.

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lightning36 said...

At least I now know that I am not alone in having this horrendous bad luck streak.

I have to miss the first week of the new blogger tourney. Good luck!