Monday, August 6, 2007

Treading Water until the end

Very strange and frustrating day. Was trying to token my way into the Big Game, and was going through the $8 SnGs with too much impatience. I would win a token about every 2 1/2 shots, and then lose the $26 token in the satellite, but twice bubbled to bring my bankroll all the way back up to $90+.

I played the Sunday Hundred Grand, and played pretty well until late in the second hour having AK in the small blind. A few limpers and I get AK suited. Pushed it and was instacalled by the big blind. Who of course had AA. Flop came down QQJ, but the 10 never came, and I was done far to early.

I did finish up with a $9.00 Super-Satellite to the FTOPS Event #3, Pot Limit HE. 14 players, 2 get a $50 Satellite seat on Friday evening to the actual Friday night event. Played the best poker I have in weeks, and was never below 4th place after the first few hands. Had a little scare on the bubble, but played back well and took the chip lead as the 2nd in chips ended up taking out 4tn and 3rd place in consecutive hands!

Probably taking time off until Friday from poker, need to do to much stuff at home/work/reunion to play.

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