Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Seriously Wondering.....

Why does it take someone like Hoy to actually motivate me enough to play the way I know how. I was railing Hoy over the weekend or late last week, and he was aware of me trying to Sat into the HORSE and other events for the FTOPS V. Played like crap most of the weekend when I did play, so I told the wife the hell with it, I wasnt playing this week until my Friday satellite entry into Event #3 (PLHE). Then I read Hoy's Tuesday column, and almost feel like I was called out (in a good way of course!) to try and satellite into the HORSE event. So I gave it a shot last night, and after a couple of questionable plays I was heads up, but down 2-1 chips while playing LHE. I managed to fight my way back to a slight lead, until we finally hit what I feels is my strongest game in HORSE, the Ohama H/L. It only took 2 hands for me to put him to a major (10-2) chip disadvantage, and another few hands and out he goes.
And the damn sat took forever to fill with 8 people, so I played the token frenzy to get my token for next weeks MATH. For any of you actually reading, what would you do in the following situation:
44 people left, 39 get $26 Token.
In the button with AhQh, so I limp in to see a flop. The flop comes down A66. Big Blind goes all-in for less then I have. Would you call here? I DID. Stupid to say the least as he flips over A6! I am totally crippled to 875 chips, with blinds at 500/1000/125 Ante. All-in blind the next hand, and still 3 people left to get out before a token. I get 82o, it folds around to the small blind, who has about 1450 chips after his small blind. At this point would you call if you were him? Even if he loses the hand he had enough for 4 more hands (one small blind and 4 antes) and if he wins he folds out to his token with only 2 people left to get eliminated. And he folds!!!! All of a sudden I have 2,000 chips (I freaking love Antes!). 2 hands later I have my token.
Well, hope to see some of you in the $50 HORSE Sat tonight - I am talking to you HOY!

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