Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Qualified for 500K on Full Tilt

Have been running good lately, and decided to use my $26 token to play in a qualifer for the 500K on Sunday. With 29 people playing it paid 3 seats plus $48 for 4th. Played good tight poker and easily made the final table, watching an idiot who actually played 2-4 unsuited All-In preflop against the chip leader. Chip leaders shows AA, and wouldnt you know the flop comes down 356, giving the donk a flopped straight. This idiot does this to a couple more people and somehow becomes the chip leader with 5 left. He then starts raising EVERY hand 3X the Big Blind, making it 1200-1800 each time. I call him out in the chat on it, and he puts in 1000 the next hand, I push and he calls and I double up. From then I would just play premium hands, and as we are down to 4, I get distracted by my wife at home, and I look up and suddenly there are only 3 players left. I have no idea what went down in the final hand, but I will be playing teh 500K on Sunday, so what do I care??

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