Thursday, March 29, 2007

1 SNG Played, 1 Win

After suffering through another American Idol results show with Mrs. CEM, she deemed it allowable that I had nothing left to do that night, and to go ahead and play a SNG. I decided to take one of my $26 tokens, and try for a $75 token. This took me three attempts last weekend, but this time it was one and done! I sat back at the beginning and watched as three people were eliminated in the first 10 minutes (and remember this was NOT a Turbo), so we had two dominant chip leaders and the rest of us, with me being in 3rd with just over my starting stack of 1500. I systematically took out the three low stacks, making it a pretty even battle, and at worst I would get $66 cash. Played great 3-handed and heads up and took the whole thing down. Looking to win some more tokens, plus the $26 Braclet Race, and possible a low-mid buy-in cash tournament tonight, as well as CC's Thursday Bash (1st time for me for that one). I did also just see Mookie's blog, and am thinking about getting into the Battle of the Blogger Tounaments.

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