Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Good Night, Not so Good Tournament

Well the CardPlayer tournament was a bust, I had a Broadway after the turn and went all-in, and was just against a set of 9s. As long as the case 9 didnt come up, or the board didnt pair, I was safe, leaving my opponent with 9 outs. The Jack paired, and I was out 40th of 43. Somehow I am still in the running for the Champions table however, as I am tied for 13th and only 29 points out of 9th. Two good finishs in the last two weeks will still get me in.
I did win a 18 person $1.50 + $.25 NLHE tournament on PokerStars, winning my $10.80. I also finished 19th of 184 on Bodog Beginnner $4.00 + $.40 NLHE tournament, cashing for $5.88, making my losses for the day even out. I finished the day up $2.18. Not a bad start to my fresh start. Likely not playing again until Saturday, August is a busy month.

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