Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poker Content!

Yes, I do actually still play poker! Decided to try a do or die with the rest of my Full Tilt bankroll last Wednesday, with me sitting a just under $35, I took two shots at satellites to the 50/50, since I figured if I won on of them I could play wiht the next day being a day off for me. Play a $7.70 SNG, and naviagated a minefield of bad play by others to end up in the final three. The chip lead went back and forth between the three of us, until a badly timed bluff ended the tournament for the player to my left, leaving me heads up but at a 2-1 chip disadvantage. Using a bit of agression I was able to take the chip lead after about20 hands, and 4 hands later won the tourament! So far so good, but I was already playing the $14 MTT for another 50/50 seat, and jumped out to a nice chip stack early on. Played a semi-tight agressive style throughout, and easily won a 2nd seat to the 50/50! Decided to just cash both seats out and play the Very Josie instead, which ended far to early as I was getting a too agressive and let the betting of other dictate how I was going to play (Yes, I am looking at you HeffMike and Very Josie!). Went out 8th, but still have a GREAT time playing the Very Josie and a good night on the tables. Played my WSOP group on Friday night, and as is uncommon for me in those tournament, I actually got off to a nice steady build of chips early, and was easily at on above the average chip stack most of the night until we got down to 5 players. At that point, I was 4th in chips, and was picking my spots to get my chips in. I watched as a very poorly timed Hammer bluff was by the chip leader was called down by the 2nd place in chips, leading to a HUGE stack by one player. Let everyone else take desperation shots at the new chip leader, and played my two good hands as three others were elimiated and I ended up heads up! Down 4 to 1 in chips, I ran my Pocket 3's into Pocker 4's but spiked a 3 on the river, and actually at one point took the chip lead! It didnt work out though, as my A8 was eventually outflopped by KJ, and I was crippled again and finished 2nd. Still awaiting the overall standing after 3 (of 5) events, but I am definately still in the running for the overall win and Main Event WSOP seat if I play good the last two tournaments!


BamBam said...

I love the updates on your WSoP chase Cem. Keep'em coming!

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