Friday, July 23, 2010

Starting Anew

Have played a little bit in the past few days. I played 4 $1 9 man Turbo SNGs. These thigns are a wonder to play. Some of the worst players ever, as I tried a Tight Agressive approach, and after a few early exits realized that for $1, these people really dont care at all about playing well. I did finally manage to adjust my game well enought to take a 3rd place in the final of the 4 SNGs, but even then I managed to get chased down two hands in a row when we got the money AIPF with me ahead both times! I also played some .01/.02 cash. 2 sessions of about 30 minutes each. First session was very unexciting, with a very quiet tight table, and I managed to grind out a $0.24 profit. The 2nd session was much more interesting, where I stacked the player to my left when his pocket 6s flopped a set, but I turned a bigger set with my Pocket Kings, and the river pairing the board got him to call my all-in. I managed to finish up $1.78 (almost a full buy in), so I think I will continue on my playing the micro cash games as well as adjusting my game to the level of player in the $1 SNGs for now. Bankroll is about even after the week.

Trip to Charles Town Races and Slots tonight with Mrs. CEM to check out the table games and bet some on the horses!

Good luck to you all on the felt and all you do!

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BamBam said...

Please be careful with the "adjusting my game to the level of player in the $1 SNGs."

Always remember the "for now" part!