Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taking a break from online poker

Last night finally did me in for playing online for a while. I am running as badly as possible at the wrong time, even though I think my reads and decision making is probably at it best. I decided to play a $6 Sat to the $30K last night, which has a $100+$9 buy-in. I did not plan on playing the $30K, but instead wanted to use the Tournament dollars and/or Ticket to play other things this weekend. Played good poker, and even being card dead for 2 hours I made the final table (Had QQ once, 88 once, A10 three times....and that was it!). Once I hit the final table I was finally getting cards and when I chipped up to take the chip lead with 7 left (only 2 seats were awarded), I used my chip stack to my advantage to steal and push people around. We get down to three handed....I have 22K, the other two players are both between 12K and 13K. One goes all in, and the other calls! So one is out or severly cripple..right??? WRONG! The board flushes, and they split the pot. Not two hands later I get the small stack all in with AK against my pocket 8's, and he spike the king on the river. Now I am short stacked, and fight for my life, finally pushing my AQ into KQ, and he flops the king and I cant catch up. If this had been an isoloated issue, I probably would not be as upset, but this has been happening since before the BBT5 started, so it has been almost 2 months of this. I have lost 1/2 my bankroll, and think I just need to take some time off from playing online and let someone else take the beating for a while. Good luck to you all on the virtual felt, I hope you run better than I have. I will be back, but probably not until I can sit down and not feel that not matter how good I am going to play the cards will be running against me.


Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

It happens to everyone dude. Taking a break is certainly an option. Another is to play micro stakes, and donk it up real good (ala pushfest style). Trust me, it will make you feel better.

Shrike said...

Welcome to my world, circa last year. Taking a break is a good option. Although if you really do feel you are playing well, I'd encourage you to keep trying as your results will inevitably improve. The chief factor is self-awareness and honesty when evaluating your play.