Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Skillz Game Results - Razz

Razz last night had a full table of 8 players. After a shaky start, I was up about to about 4,000 chips, then quickly dropped back to the bottom of the players remaining. After edgie212 and MsDredful went out, I started to hit almost everything, capturing 3 bounties and the 1st place finish.

Razz Results:

heffmike and his strong 2nd place finish moved very close to NumbBono for the 2009 Leaderboad top spot, and he has 4 tournaments left to try and catch him.

2009 Cash leaderboard:

Next week is Limit Stud Hi/Lo.


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Scott said...

I'd like to improve my Razz game. I've never really gotten into it and never done anything to address this.