Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Skillz Game Results AND Bodog $5 Tournament Win

Full table of 8 players played last night, with muhctim notching the win.

Skillz Game Results:

2009 Skillz Game Leaderboard:

Finally starting to learn to play with a little more aggression, plus following more closely hands I am not involved in to get a better idea how others are playing. Made the final table with ease, and played 5 handed for 30+ minutes with very little change in chips until we got down to 4, with 3 of us virtually tied in chips and the super short stack, who went out shortly after. 3 handed last about 20 hands, with the 3rd place finisher pushing almost every hand, and I woke up with Jacks and fade his OESD on the turn and river. Heads up lasted 9 hands, as I was chipping away at the 2nd place finisher almost every hand, and he pushed on the last hand, into my Aces! Small tournament, but it felt good to win one!