Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Skillz Game Results - Limit Stud & Satellite Win

A nice turnout of 10 people last night, which kept us at two short handed tables for over an hour. The final results are here:

No major changes on the 2009 Leaderboard, as none of the Top 5 cashed, but Muhctim won his 2nd tournament of the year.

2009 Money Leaderboard:

Next week it is Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better.

While waiting for the Skillz Game to start, I decided to play a $4 Rebuy for a Seat for FTSOP $100 Omaha Hi Rebuy event. I only had 1 rebuy plus the Add-on, giving me at $12.40 investment. With 22 players playing we actually managed to get enough in rebuys to have 2 seat available, plus $39 for 3rd, $22 for 4th, and $14 for 5th. I easily had the final table, and realzied that the cash would be a much better goal to shoot for, as there were two players at 30,000 chips each, and the rest of us were below 10. Some well timed plays got me to the cash, where I just pushed both the 5th and 4th place finshers out, giving me about 11,000 in chips. The other two then had 38,000 and 31,000 each. I got hyper aggressive with nothing, and semi aggressive when I had a hand, and actually managed to move us to around 22,000. Thinking I had a shot at actually knocking one of the guys out when I witnessed one of the weirdest plays I had ever seen. The two chip leaders went head to head on a hand which led them to get it all in after the flop, with neither of them having more than a pair and draws. The chip leader actually won the hand, and I got my $100 seat, which I cashed out of, thus more than doubling my Full Tilt bankroll.

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