Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Skillz Game Tonight - Limit Razz

Played in a pair of Turbo Live tournament on Friday night, $20 buy-in, 5,000 chips, 10 minute levels. Took 2nd in the first one, when I was all in on the big blind (blinds were 16,000/32,000) and there were only 95,000 chips in play total. Actually pulled off the win in the second one, as we chopped the 1st/2ns place money with blinds still at 8,000/16,000 and the chips almost dead even, and then played it out (it lasted one hand).

I will be there tonight, but hopefully will also be able to satellite into the FTOPS Turbo 6-Handed No-Limit tournament also, which the satellite is at 6:30 pm EDT tonight, so if you are on then come and watch/rail me if you would like.

See you all tonight at Skillz Game.

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