Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vacation Update - The Belmont

I got to California after a few flight delays and a little sleep. I managed to get the computer run in running for the Belmont (last race of Horse Racing's Triple Crown). I had the already decided to pick the 2 Horse - Dunkirk, the 6 Horse - Mine that Bird, and the 7 Horse - Charitable Man. When it came to my Trifecta bet (picking the Top 3 finishers) I decided to throw in the 4 Horse, Summer Bird, who actually had the same father as the favorite Mine that Bird. I had a little extra on Bodog, so I put down a $3 box Trifecta ticket, which cost me $72. Summer Bird came from behind to win the race with 11-1 odds, Dunkirk finished 2nd at 9-2, and Mine that Bird third at 1-1. So my $72 bet ended up paying me $442.50.

The Skillz Game has not been posted yet by Full Tilt for Tuesday, hopefully later this weekend.

I will be heading to Vegas on Thursday and be there until Saturday evening (or Sunday night if I make the final table of Event #26.

Send me an email at chip_moser at comcast dot net if you are there and have some free time, I want ot actually meet some of the bloogers I have been playing poker with these last few years in person.

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