Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Skillz Game Tonight + WSOP Event #26 = EPIC FAIL

Tonight we play Limit Razz.

The World Series was a huge bust for me. I took the first hand (as the big blind) when everyone folded the whole way around. I got QQ 3 times in the first hour, once where the person to my left ended up having the other two queens, and the player to his left had Pocket 4's which ended up rivering a straight. My one huge hand was when I had QQ and ended up flopping the set, and rivered quads. I took a nice chunk out of the young Asian kid that was playing every hand. He ended up giving me a big hurt back in the 4th level, as he was playing literally any two cards. I got pocket 8's, and bet out on every street with him just calling. He somehow woke up with pockets 9's. I finally pushed my last 850 chips in at the 150/300 level with AcJc, and some online internet "pro" called me with Pocket 7's. I didn't improve, and went home. I am disappointed in finished in the 4th hour, but not with how i played. Hopefully I will get another chance next year.


BWoP said...

GG, sir.

Sorry I didn't get to meet up with you.

Anonymous said...

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