Thursday, May 14, 2009

Skillz Game Results - Last two weeks + 2009 Leaderboard

Between being on vacation and being sick, I am really behind. Therefore there are NO screen shots of the last two weeks Top 14. However I am happy to say that High on Poker won Pot Limit Omaha on May 5th, and heffmike won the H.O.R.S.E tournament on May 12th. This was heffmike's 2nd Skillz Game win this year, and jumps him past NumbBono into 1st place overall on the Skillz Game Leaderboard for 2009, and the first player to have earned over $300.00 this year.

Below is the 2009 Leaderboard, with 60 people having cashed this year:

Next week is Limit Hold'em, which I will be playing at the WSOP this year, so hopefully I can work on my game some during the tournament, much like I have on PokerStars at the 9 PM $4.00 tournament.

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lightning36 said...

Limit Hold Em = Lots of whining during and afterwards. Should be a riot!