Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Skillz Game Pimp.....Limit Hold'em Play

Tonight is the H.O.S.E. Tournament for another BBT4.

The next 8 touraments (including tonight) are listed below:

Tournament #87359092 (04/14/09) - HOSE KO
Tournament #87359104 (04/21/09) - Razz KO
Tournament #87359121 (04/28/09) - Stud hi/lo KO
Tournament #87359142 (05/05/09) - PLO KO
Tournament #87359162 (05/12/09) - HORSE KO
Tournament #87359186 (05/19/09) - LHE KO
Tournament #87359212 (05/26/09) - Stud hi KO
Tournament #87359227 (06/02/09) - PLO8 KO


I also have decided to play more Limit Hold'em MTT in able to work on my game. I got a chance to play on Saturday night, but the only game I could find was a $4.00 buy in on PokerStars, which you take the chances of having a LOT of donkey play involved by your opponents. I am happy to say that I play very well, and will 558 players starting, I finished in 14th. I would have really love to have played at the final table, but I ran a good hand in the chip leader playing his big stack like it was no ones business, and eventually the cards ran cold for me.

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