Monday, April 27, 2009

My Brief Thoughts on BBT4

Seems like there is a lot of bloggers talking about the BBT4 lately, with their comments generally about the lack on attendance on some events as the three month event winds up the second month. Here is what I think: What exactly is anyone complaining about? I dont get it. We have this great event, that you can choose to play as many or as few as you want. No one is forcing you. People talk about how there was 140+ in the Mookie in other BBTs previously. Now there are only 80. Ok, I know everyone wants to beat the best competition they can, but considering the times they start, I would rather play 80 people then 140. And yes, the number have come down since the BBT started. I had 84 people in the first Skillz Game event, the lastest event had 45. Do you think I am worried about this? NO. I had some events previous to the BBT4 that had 8 people, having 45 is great. And again, I would rather play less time and have a better chance to get a seat in the TOC with the lesser people. Unlike previous BBT's I have played only 1/4 of the games this time around. Is it because I dont want to? No! I would love to play them all. But with the arrival of my little girl, a lot of things I used to have time to do, I dont anymore. I probably lucky that I now host the Skillz Game, as it gives me an excuse at home to play on Tuesday night. I think a lot of people are spending a lot more of their time on other things, either by choice (theirs or their family) or because things like the economy are making them chose to do so. So that is my 2 cents on this. I say just play the ones you can play, have fun with it, and do you best to win a tournament to get in the TOC. If you are able to play a bunch, then play for the points titles. But dont let everyone elses views of how the BBT4 jade how you feel about it!


lightning36 said...

Blogger drama has been weak lately. Perhaps we need more to drag everyone back in.

Truthfully, I wonder how much the fragmentation of the blogger community adds into all this. It is no longer a small, happy family.

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

I think the biggest concern is the lack of participation could lead to the eventual demise of the BBT, or at least an elimination of the free cake that comes with it.