Monday, March 23, 2009

Summer Blogger Gathering?

Does anyone know if/when the gathering may be this summer? I am hoping to finally get a chance to come out and meet some of you bloggers in person, but I am having to work it around a family trip to California. If anyone has any information, or can point me to a blog with information about it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!!


BWoP said...

So far nothing definite yet (from what I can tell). Last year there were two different weekends where a small mass of people descended upon Vegas (I think first weekend of June and second weekend of June).

BamBam said...

Typical target time is as the beautiful and bendy, BWoP has mentioned. One of the first two weekends in June.

lightning36 said...

I had been wondering the same thing. Maybe we should all go for the $1000 donkathon on (Event 4) on May 30.