Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Skillz Game Results - Stud 7 H/L

The highest turnout since I have been running the Skillz Game came out, with an amazing 73 showing up to win a shot at the TOC for the BBT4.

We lost our first player about 33 minutes in (also a record since I started running this), and it went fast and furious once we got down to 50 and blinds started getting high.

Hoyazo went out on the final table/cash bubble, with nzgreen and bayne_s the only multiple time Skillz game players this year making the final table.

It came down to SmBoatDrinks and ShipFaced12 in heads up, with ShipFaced at a 2:1 disadvantage, which at one point was close to 4:1 during heads up, but a valiant comeback gave ShipFaced12 the BBT4 TOC seat.

Cash Leaderboard will be updated later this week, have some work to do on the spreadsheet.

Be sure to play the Mookie tonight, for another shot at a BBT4 TOC seat, and come back next Tuesday when the game is Pot Limit Omaha.


BWoP said...

I set the over/under on the first player to bust next week at 2 minutes, 38 seconds :-)

lightning36 said...

Omaha I can handle. This Stud game ... aargggghhh.

BamBam said...

I'll take CK's bet! I take the over........ BUT just barely!

Like 2mins. & 40 secs.

PLO and Bloggers! May whatever Lord you're praying to, have mercy on all of our souls!