Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friday Night Donkament and Skillz Game Pimp

Played the Friday Night Donkament that Katitude hosts, and had a great old time. Managed to only rebuy 7 times, and go into the true playing in 5th place out of 15. I did finally manage to get knocked out in 7th, but after playing a lot of deep stack poker, so it was nice and gave me a chance to try a few new things with my game. I did also get a chance to interact some with the Buddy Dank Radio crew (via the chat box), and some Yahoo chat too. I had not done any Yahoo Chat previously with bloggers, but it was fun, and everyone was really nice. I hope really hope that it is decided soon about the Summer Blogger meeting, so I can get the right weekend set up in Vegas for my family. I am really hoping for the 2nd weekend as it would give me a chance to play in the WSOP Limit Hold'em Tournament that starts on Friday June 12th.

Dont forget tonight is Stud 7 High only for another BBT4 seat.

See you all tonight!


BWoP said...

The race to two-pair!

Let the games begin.

Joanada said...

Was fun hanging out with you too. We will be broadcasting off and on tonight for the Skillz game!

Anonymous said...