Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuckfard Open Win & Pimping the Skillz Game

Tonight's game is Limit Hold'em. This one has special significance for me, as I am thinking about playing the Limit Hold'em tournament this year at the World Series of Poker, depending on which weekend the Blogger Weekend is this summer. That's right, I actually plan on making it this year.

Just a little bit of poker last night, but it was a doozy of a night for me. Played both the Tuckfard Opens. In the no limit variety, I had a strong open table for myself, and easily made the final table with near the top in chips. I fluctuated some as I was outdrawn or outplayed a little at the final table, but just kept banging away and got my first Blogger tournament win of the year. The Omaha Hi/Lo I basically luck boxed my way into 3rd place for a little bit of cash, getting the nice draws and fading other people outs for a couple of hours before my KKxx was pushed into AAxx with almost no chips left for me.

Hope to see you all tonight.


BamBam said...

Always great to see you out cem!
Congrats on the solid finishes.


Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on your win!

Baywolfe said...

I'll try to make it. LHE holds a warm spot in my heart as that was my first HE experience for real money. I understand from Daniel Negreanu's e-letter that before Television, LHE was the game of choice.

It's a lot more action, more flops, and you can always check-raise when you got the goods.

megha said...

Always great to see you out cem!
Congrats on the solid finishes.