Friday, December 12, 2008

Bodonkey Bubble

Played in the 14th of 15 Bodonkey tournaments last night, having actually played all but one of them, with the birth of daughter being the one miss on Dec 4th. Going into the tournament I was 10th on the Leaderboard. I looked that there had been about 75 people that have played in the series so far, so I was guessing Top 12 or 13 get into the final before the last chance tournament. I focused last night on not overplaying AK, which I layed down a few times to when they did not hit the flop or turn, with no draws. With only 27 people playing I knew I would have to finish at least 8th to get any point. When we finally got down to the final table, the two players directly behind me on the leaderboard were also at the table, and with many more chips. I played good smart tight poker, and watched people taking chances with questionable holdings (IMHO), and managed to get myself all the way up to 4th place. I did finally push all in with AK, and was called by two players. An Ace on the flop and a bet by WilWonka pushed out TonySoprano, and my AK was ahead of AQ of WilWonka. Wasnt strong enough though, as the Q came on the turn, and I go out just off the money (although I did get my buy-in back). The Bodonkey has been +EV for me, as it looks like regardless of if I make the final tournament, I will be up about $100.00 over the course the tournament.

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