Monday, December 22, 2008

Bodog Convert?

That is the question I am asking myself lately. I really enjoyed the Bodonkey series, and now I have over $200 on Bodog, or that is where I was as of yesterday morning. I decided to use some of my $T to play a couple of tournament. First I tried to satellite into the 100K, but fell short. After watch my Redskins stop the Eagles, I wanted to play another tournament, but I didnt want to be up all night with work and the baby (almost 3 weeks old now!). So I play the $1.5K Turbo. I LOVE THIS TOURNAMENT. I just played good strong but tight poker. 140 players, I lasted 1 hour 40 minutes. My last hand I should have let go, as I had QQ, with three all-ins in front of my. The others went all in with AJo (huh?), 88 (short stack, so understandble), and AA (of course it was the big stack). My QQ gets beat for 1/3 of my stack by the 88 flopping another 8, and I lost the rest to the AA. My finish position? 4th!! $15+$1 buy-in, paid me $168.00 for 1 2/3 hours of work. And I push myself to over $350 on Bodog, where 2 months ago I had only $40.